“e-Conveyancing” just means that the entire process of conveyancing can be done electronically.
That is you don’t have to meet with us at all (if you wish to, we’d be glad too meet). ¬†However, everything can be done by fax, email and phone.
We are a city based firm, assisting clients with conveyancing all over Queensland.
  1. You provide the agent with our contact details and ask them to fax/email the contract to us.
  2. We will then send you out 2 packs of information that will give you everything you need.  We will advise you clearly of what you need to provide us.
  3. We then commence the process of conveying the property with the other side.
  4. We will be in contact with you at all times to make sure that we are travelling smoothly to settlement.
  5. We will speak and arrange everything with your bank, the solicitor for the other side and the agent on your behalf.
  6. All done, you get the keys (or the cheque) and get on with living.
This is all done without having to go to effort of coming to us…because we’re positive that you can spend that time doing other things.
However, you’re free to call us at any stage.
Contact us now for further information.
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